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We make a good impression! In fact, every customer who purchases our custom fit orthotics will receive a FREE Personalized Impression Kit. With this moldable foam kit along with our simple instructions, you will create the form from which your custom orthotics are made.

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After 55 years of making custom fit orthotics, finally you can get your own custom fit orthotics at a fraction of the cost, by buying directly from the lab like a doctor does. Using custom fit orthotics means that they are molded and formed exactly to your own feet. Fitting orthotics to your own feet is the best way to help and fix your foot problems and pains.

See why others choose a custom fit solution to Stop Foot Pain.

Don’t get tricked into anything less than a custom fit orthotic. Pre-cut one-size-fits-all can never fit as good as an orthotic that is made from an impression of your own foot. When you use a pre-made orthotic (like Dr. Scholls) they are made to fit your shoe not your foot, therefore they can’t help your problems and pain as much as a custom fit orthotic.

Your doctor knows the importance of using custom fit orthotics. But Doctors can be expensive, here’s why:

  1. First, the doctor has to charge you for a doctor’s visit.
  2. Next he or she will charge you for casting a mold of your feet.
  3. Then he will send your cast to a lab to create your custom fit orthotic, for which he will add on a profit margin and charge you again.

Most people know that when you add it all up, going to a doctor for custom fit orthotics can cost from $300 to $500 per pair.

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